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August 30: CHSO Parent Booster Meeting, 6:30 PM., CHSO Room


September 1: Black Violin Concert, 7:00 PM. (optional), The Jefferson Theater


September 16: Annual CHSO Graffiti Wall Painting (optional), 11:00 AM, CHS Graffiti Wall


September 23: Senior Regional Orchestra String Auditions (optional), Journey Middle School


Nov. 10-11: Senior Regional Orchestra Event (select), Harrisonburg High School


Nov. 14: Buford Orchestra Concert with SE side-by-side (SE Only), 7:00 PM, MLK PAC

    SE Call: 6:00 PM


Dec. 7 (changed from Dec. 5): CHSO Fall Concert, 7:30 PM, MLK PAC (CO and SE)

  CO Call: 5:45 PM, SE Call: 6:15 PM 


Dec. 12: Rotary Club Performance, 5:45-7:00 PM, The Center at Belvedere*  (SE only)

*This is a change of location from the original calendar

Jan 31: CHS Symphony/Choir Concert and Fine Arts Celebration, 7:00 PM MLK PAC


Feb. 24: All-Virginia Orchestra and Band Auditions, JMU


Mar. 9: District Orchestra Assessment, afternoon, CHS (CO and SE)


April 18-20: All-Virginia Orchestra, Band, and Chorus (select), Richmond, VA


April 25-28: CHSO Spring Trip to New York City, (optional) (CO and SE)


May 22: CHSO Spring Concert, 7:30 PM, MLK PAC (CO and SE)

    CO Call: 5:45 PM, SE Call: 6:15 PM

June 3: CHSO Senior Showcase, 7:00 PM, CHSO Room


This schedule is subject to change throughout the year.

Ms. Waters will notify students and families as soon as possible when changes occur.


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